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Ultra Firearms and Ammunition is now an exclusive distributor for Omega Guns! 

Omega works very hard every day to make the highest quality roller locking firearms in the industry. The products they produce are the quality of custom build in a production atmosphere. Omega uses the right equipment for the job. They start with the highest quality parts available. A detailed 32-point inspection is done on every gun, taking it from rolling of the sheet metal receiver thru welding into final assembly, to ensure the best reliability possible. They press the front sights on and pin them, just like in Germany, never welding the sight on, like most other manufacturers do. The guns are laser bore sighted during the welding process, to ensure accurate shooting. Omega's proprietary finish is the only one in the industry that gives a consistent .003” thick highly durable coating that covers the entire firearm, inside and out.

Omega produces 2 primary weapon designs. The Gideon Shadow built on the HK UMP system and the OM Pistol built on the HK MP5 roller lock bolt system.